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Nightmare on Helm Street

010: A Nightmare on Helm Street

Gnak and his friends face off against a trio out for some ysoki blood. The party visits Astral Extractions headquarters, and ANDIS finds a disturbing image from their past. The heroes board a space shuttle and begin their mission to the Acreon.

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100 Homebrew Adventure Ideas for Starfinder

Game Master Patrick here, and I don’t know about you, but my mind has been writing adventure ideas non-stop since the Starfinder Core Rule Book came out in August. Since we are playing Dead Suns and not running homebrew adventures, I won’t be able to use half of them. But I don’t want them to go to waste, so I figured that I would give...

Night of the Living Diplomat from Cosmic Crit

009: Night of the Living Diplomat

All rested up, our heroes receive a summons from the Eoxian Embassy on Absalom Station. They agree to meet with the diplomat Gevalarsk, who sends them on their next mission to find out the truth about the Acteon, the ship that mysteriously returned with a large asteroid in tow and no crew onboard. Jason Keeley, Developer at Paizo and friend of the show, joins us for this Crit Bit to talk Starfinder.

Cosmic Crit’s ‘Create A Commercial Challenge’

It’s that time again, time for another First Friday Fan Challenge! On the first Friday of every month, we are asking you to help us build and shape our Starfinder world. Last month, we asked you to help us make some NPCs to fill in our world, and we got dozens of amazing submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and feel free to keep those...

Art courtesy Jose Borges

008: Cosmo Crit

We catch up to our heroes at the end of their harrowing fight against Ferani Nendaz and the Downside Kings in the Fusion Queen. They call in a few favors from their ‘friendsies’, the Level 21 Crew, then head to the HUD Bar to meet up with Chex Mix, the Shirren of the Starfinder Society whose name they still don’t know how to properly pronounce. After their official induction into the Starfinder Society, the five adventurers craft a clever response to the mysterious note from “DG” that they found on Ferani Nendaz’s datapad. While they wait for a reply, they head to a special vendor to tick off a few purchases from their wish lists.

Art courtesy Jose Borges

007: Battle Service

As the band of misfits continues their search of the Downside Kings’ hideout, the Fusion Queen, they come across some unsavory characters. Engaging in nearly constant combat, the adventurers wonder if they have finally met their match, but in the end, one stands out as an unlikely hero.

006: Dancing Kings

Following the leads discovered in their investigations during Episode 5: The Hardscrabble Connection, our heroes meet up with the Level 21 Crew as scheduled. The discussion proves fruitful, thanks, in part, to Ysoki camaraderie. Next, the adventurers make their way to the Downside Kings’ infamous hideout, the Fusion Queen. It has all the hallmarks of a typical night club — neon lights, a dance floor you can’t deny, awkward attempts at conversation, and fights between friends. But the fun doesn’t last long, and the adventurers find themselves ambushed by thugs. Will they survive? Crit Bits: Jason Nelson of Legendary Games gives us the inside scoop on their Starfinder-compatible Alien Bestiary.

Vesk in Combat, © Paizo, Inc.

005: The Hardscrabble Connection

As our adventurers continue to unravel the mystery surrounding Kreel’s death, they must work through some disagreement and confusion. But despite a few communication difficulties, they succeed in attaining more information, thanks in large part to the clever Ysoki Gnak Sizrack. He may not be much of a fighter, but he knows how to talk (sometimes). But in the middle of their investigation, our heroes run up against the same Strong Absalom Movement (SAM) thugs they encountered in Episode 001: Space Hooligans. Will they make it out of the alley alive? Crit Bits: Get to know each of the characters a little better as Edrass leads us in an in-character vocal warm-up. 

Shirren, © Paizo, Inc.

004: The Kreel Deal

The Starfinder Society graciously welcomes our adventurers at their station headquarters, The Lorespire. There, they meet with a Shirren, whose name no one knows how to spell or pronounce except the GM. The Shirren suspects Kreel may not have been merely an innocent bystander when the cross-fire happened in Episode 002: Opening Volley, and they can’t help but wonder —  could he have been a target? Their suspicions finally aroused, the adventurers head to Kreel’s apartment and search for clues about what may have actually happened that fateful day in Docking Bay 94. Crit Bits: Updates from DragonCon!