Meet the Players

Patrick a.k.a. “The Game Master”

Patrick was born in N.Y. and raised in N.C., thus your Gamemaster for this show has city brains with a laid back country personality. A tabletop RPG player and GM for over 16 years, he is a veteran of D&D 3.5, Cyberpunk 2020, Numenera and, of course, all things Pathfinder. When he isn’t roleplaying or actively trying to murder his Player’s Characters as GM he’s probably playing video games or binge watching Netflix. In his other job he is a Young Adult Librarian, and probably reads more than his eyeballs can handle. Patrick lives just North of Boston, MA with his extremely understanding and beautiful wife who tolerates his gaming habits, and his dog Ripley.

Drew a.k.a. “The Definitive Article”

Out of the fires of Best Carolina comes our stalwart young (old), charismatic (annoying), happy-go-lucky (easily annoyed), man about town (shut-in). Purveyor of dad jokes. Actual dad. Somehow after knowing Patrick for nearly two decades he’s only recently begun engaging in roleplaying activities. He loves space and science fiction among many other nerdy endeavors, and co-founded The More You Nerd podcast in 2011 that he’s now roped more people into participating in. When not recording himself he can typically be found complaining about not having enough time to watch X show or play Y vidjagame, but if he’s really honest with himself he has plenty of time.

Gibert a.k.a. “Good Good Robo Boy”

Hailing from the southern mists of Carolina, Gibert is a relative newcomer to role-playing adventure games. After a trip abroad, he returned to a text chain of friends discussing that they wanted to play D&D 4E. Being absent from the entirety of the conversation, Gibert found that he’d been nominated DM. Not knowing what that meant, he agreed and proceeded to read approximately 1,000,000 pages of rules only to languish, resigned to his fate as a dead beat DM in desperate need of remediation. Fortunately, a jovial cadre of adventurers welcomed Heinrich the Alchemist into their Pathfinder fold. He’s been playing Pathfinder somewhat religiously for about 4 years now, and has GM’d one game set in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time universe. When not writing new characters fated to die horrible deaths in the belly of a gelatinous ooze, you may find Gibert second guessing life choices on Trulia, attempting pull-ups, or affecting incremental advancements to the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. He now resides in Boston, MA from which you will all soon fall to the great revolution he is fomenting.

Myles a.k.a. “Rebel Without a Clue”

Born and raised in Upstate South Carolina, where he still resides, Myles obsessively absorbs all the pop culture he can. He always had an interest in table top RPG’s but lacked a group until his first campaign of Numenara last year and recently a Final Fantasy-themed Pathfinder adventure with this very same group. Outside of the game and putting out financial fires at his job, Myles co-hosts another podcast, The More You Nerd, when he’s not rabidly searching for new horror films to watch or playing Destiny with his clan, The Struggle Princes.

Rebecca a.k.a. “The Girl One”

Born and raised in the South, Rebecca spent her formative years trying (and failing) to be a non-nerdy preppy type. These days, she chooses to embrace her geeky tendencies. She idolizes Buffy Summers, was a WoW raid tank in a former life, and is a bit of a word nerd. Her foray into the world of Pathfinder began less than a year ago, when some dear friends from college (see above) convinced her to give it a go. She’s excited to explore the galaxies of Starfinder and to see how her new character evolves over the course of her adventures. When it’s not game time, you can usually find Rebecca either at work herding software developers or at home herding children and dogs (but sadly no cats). She’s also married to someone else in the game… ¬_¬

Tyler a.k.a. “Pretty Guy Ty”

A Pacific Northwest Native Tyler is a blossoming born again nerd. Unable to indulge his inner nerd in his younger years, he is eager to dive further into the joys of Pathfinder and Starfinder. When not reading the latest Pathfinder AP, Tyler enjoys Craft Beer and Whisk(e)y, playing video games with his wife, cooking, watching The Portland Timbers, buying expensive shaving paraphernalia, not exercising, and playing with his two orange tabby cats, Hardcore and Toaster.