Cosmic Crittermanders Club

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black hole

Join the Cosmic Crittermanders Club!

Want to connect with the cast and other fans of the show? Then come join the conversation and shenanigans in the Cosmic Crittermanders Discord.

Become a member of the Elite Crit Crew

Join the elite Crittermander fan club, and you’ll get extra perks like special flair for the Discord, blooper episodes, and more. There are a couple of ways to join:

  • Buy something from the Cosmic Crit store, take a picture, and tweet it to us @CosmicCrit
  • Send us an email or write a review on iTunes or Facebook. If we read it on the show, you’ll be automatically added to our Elite Crit Crew.
    (Give us a quick heads up in Discord if you write a review and want to join the elite crew so we’ll know it’s you.)