Cosmic Crit’s “Create A Skittermander” Challenge

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  1. Bryan Clever says:

    Hey guys, I’m a really big fan of the show – also good at doing voices and coming up with crazy characters, so if you ever need consistent help I’m here! Probably won’t, but I’ll be here for the long haul anyway as a fan. Hope I did this right…

    Sea-green coat, wields four lazer pistols and is capable utilizing the fusilade feat.
    With the luck of the fool on his side, Wajala is an odity amongst his kin that possesses a a deceptively focused sense of purpose. He began his career by accidentally becoming a stow away on a vessel carrying a company of Vesk and Half-Orc soldiers, and wound up assisting a raid on a Drow freight ship with the aim of liberating a cargo of exploited androids, half-orcs, and Orcs bound. The job turned out to have been orchestrated by the minds of the Android Abolitionist Front, and their observers recruited little Wajala as an agent who has helped the movement since to liberate oppressed humanoids wherever he is sent.

    • Eric says:

      That’s super awesome! But I think they want to make a quick reference for d100 skittermander generation shenanigans like on the Christmas podcast

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