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Capt Nash's Haunted Ship Club Band 0

017: Capt Nash’s Haunted Ship Club Band

Deep in the bowels of the Drift Rock, our adventurers discover the fate of one M. Nash. Who was she, and what dangers do her logs portend? A welcome sight awaits them at the end of their exploratory quest. Crit Bits: Rob McCreary, Starfinder developer and author of Incident at Absalom Station, joins us to talk all things Starfinder.

Life After Void Death 1

016: Live After Void Death

Cautiously, the group continues their search through the mysterious cave on the Drift Rock. But they quickly discover they aren’t alone. Will they survive the zombie-infested cave? And just what kind of “cave” is this, after all?

Drift Rock the Casbah 0

015: Drift Rock the Casbah

For the first time since joining forces, the group splits the party, as ANDIS-147 flies off in pursuit of their nemesis, Darius Gilcrest. Who will live and who will die out there on that drift rock? Crit Bit: Get to know Alyndra Vallis.

Straight Outta Acreon 1

014: Straight Outta Acreon

All healed up, our heroes venture out of the Acreon and to the dreaded drift rock. While they’re not sure exactly what they’re looking for, what they do find is certainly not what they had expected. So… what’s down there on that rock? Crit Bit: Hear a haunting story from ANDIS-147’s past.

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013: No Rest for the Weakened

We join our heroes as they attempt to rest up, but their respite is short-lived as one of the already-weakened party members is bitten for a second time. They do get some help from some old “friends,” though — familiar faces from Episode 3: Gobstopped.

Crit Stop: An Extra Life Game Day Special from Cosmic Crit Podcast

X02: Crit Stop: An Extra Life Game Day Special

Our contribution to Extra Life Game Day comes in the form of a fun special episode, featuring side stories and amazing Absalom Advertisements submitted by our listeners.

Parasital Activity

011: Parasital Activity

After their harrowing starship battle in episode 10, our heroes find themselves in range of their destination, the Acreon. Cautiously, they decide to venture inside. But it turns out the Acreon isn’t as empty as they thought! No spoilers; You’ll have to listen to find out how they fare aboard the mysterious ship. Crit Bits: Hear Gnak’s backstory.

Nightmare on Helm Street

010: A Nightmare on Helm Street

Gnak and his friends face off against a trio out for some ysoki blood. The party visits Astral Extractions headquarters, and ANDIS finds a disturbing image from their past. The heroes board a space shuttle and begin their mission to the Acreon.