About Cosmic Crit

Cosmic Crit is an Actual Play podcast where we play the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Listen in as six friends explore the brand new world of Starfinder, the latest tabletop RPG from Paizo.

Cosmic Crit was born out of a casual homebrew game made by Patrick the GM. The Monday night pathfinder game was a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, and it was so fun, that he had the idea to record their episodes to watch them later. That idea turned into the possibility of playing Starfinder and making a weekly podcast from their sessions.

Everyone on the show is a big fan of sci-fi and games, and the possibility of being the first Starfinder Actual Play podcast in the universe was too awesome to pass up. We are ready to gear up, roll 20s and explore the galaxy, and we invite you to come along!