Monthly Archive: December 2017

X03: Dice Hard, Cosmic Critmas Special 2017

X03: Dice Hard, Cosmic Critmas Special 2017

High above the city of L.A. a team of terrorists has seized a building, taken hostages, and declared war. One group has managed to escape… A band of skittermanders hiding somewhere inside. They’re eager, hyper… and the only chance anyone has got. Crit Bit: Interview with Thurston “Thursty” Hillman

Sunrise Maiden and the Infinite Radness

018: Sunrise Maiden and the Infinite Radness

Our heroes board their newfound ship and make their way back to Absalom Station. But they quickly find the journey won’t quite be ‘smooth sailing’ they hoped for. A familiar, dreadful figure pops up on board, and they find themselves embroiled in space combat with a mysterious ship. Will they make it back to Pact Space alive (and still friends)?

Capt Nash's Haunted Ship Club Band

017: Capt Nash’s Haunted Ship Club Band

Deep in the bowels of the Drift Rock, our adventurers discover the fate of one M. Nash. Who was she, and what dangers do her logs portend? A welcome sight awaits them at the end of their exploratory quest. Crit Bits: Rob McCreary, Starfinder developer and author of Incident at Absalom Station, joins us to talk all things Starfinder.

Life After Void Death

016: Live After Void Death

Cautiously, the group continues their search through the mysterious cave on the Drift Rock. But they quickly discover they aren’t alone. Will they survive the zombie-infested cave? And just what kind of “cave” is this, after all?

Starry Space Cocktails for Starfinder RPG

Cosmic Crit’s Starfinder Drink Challenge!

It’s that time again, time for another First Friday Fan Challenge! On the first Friday of every month, we are asking you to help us build and shape our Starfinder world. Last month, we asked you suggest names for our very first ship! We had a mountain of amazing suggestions. Around 200! We can’t wait for cast off in our newly named ship in an episode...