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Space Goblins, © Paizo, Inc.

003: Gobstopped

Following their defeat of the Level 21 Crew and the Downside Kings, our adventurers decide to pay a visit to Starfinder Society headquarters. But as they start to leave, they run into three unexpected obstacles, and our heroes are put to the “test.”

Absalom Battle with Android and Ysoki, © Paizo, Inc.

002: Opening Volley

In our first episode based on the Dead Suns Adventure Path of Starfinder, our heroes embark on a mission to meet their Starfinder Society contact for orders when they find themselves caught between two opposing factions. Still virtual strangers, the five of them have to work together to defeat the foes. Will they succeed?

Absalom Station, © Paizo, Inc.

001: Space Hooligans

In our inaugural episode, we meet each of the playing characters as they cross paths in the seedy “HUD Bar” deep in Absalom Station in the Starfinder universe. Rami, Alyndra, ANDIS, Edrass, and Gnak each have their (relatively) innocuous reasons for entering the bar. But an encounter with a cadre of gang members adorned with a red fist symbol incites a brawl. Emerging bruised and beaten, our heroes barely get out alive. To make matters worse, Alyndra has a spooky experience … but what does it mean?!

Character Art Courtesy ArtGian

000: Meet the Players

Get to know each of the five players (and our awesome GM) who will be participating in the Cosmic Crit podcast.  Our experience levels vary greatly. Some of us are just starting out with tabletop RPGs, while others have enjoyed them for more than a decade. But we’re all big science fiction / fantasy fans, and we’re incredibly excited to try out Starfinder! We are starting with the first book of the Dead Suns Adventure Path, Incident at Absalom Station. But we’ll throw in a hefty dose of homebrew and original character work along the way. Join us as we learn the rules of the game and explore the cosmos in Cosmic Crit. If you want to know more about us, you can also check out the Meet the Players page on our website.

Gnak Sizrack, Ysoki Outlaw Envoy

Character Sheet: Gnak Sizrack

Design Background: Drew didn’t always want to play as an Envoy, and didn’t always want to be a member of the Ysoki race, but slowly but surely the character of Gnak Sizrack came to be. At first I think both he and Myles were looking at playing Operatives (hilariously neither picked that class in the end) but when we started talking about who would be...

Gnak Sizrack, Ysoki Outlaw Envoy

Character Profile: Gnak Sizrack

Gnak Sizrack was born in the Trench City of Maro, in the very bottom of the Edaio Rift. Never did the young Gnak even dream about gazing upon the stars; such things were out of reach for Scrap-haulers. At the time, growing up with 19 siblings, cousins, and second cousins meant that Gnak, as the eldest, had to do a lot of the child-rearing. Knowing...

Edrass Veraanas, Vesk Icon Soldier

Character Sheet: Edrass Vaaranas

Design Background: So I have been playing Tabletop RPG’s with Tyler for about a year or so now. He has played a variety of characters, including a dangerous gun-wielding Chemist, A Super-Science Werewolf, and a fancy-pants Elven Bard. Tyler brings a lot to the gaming character, but I really encouraged him to design whatever character he wanted to play on Cosmic Crit, though I suggested...

Edrass Veraanas, Vesk Icon Soldier

Character Profile: Edrass Vaaranas

The Corsair of Vesk Prime, Edrass Vaaranas has made a name for himself over years of hard-fighting, raiding, and taking few prisoners. Born to a very modest family, Urkana and Nuski were former outlaws, who settled on Vesk Prime, with the hopes of raising their young hatchling Edrass with full honors to enter into the Veskarium’s Imperial Navy. Only the greatest warriors would be raised...

ANDIS-147, Android Mechanic

Character Sheet: ANDIS-147

Design Background: When I first spoke to Gibert about making a Starfinder character he had a lot of ideas. When we were all talking about what kind of characters we were going bring to the table, I don’t think that we had someone that wanted to play a Mechanic. We didn’t know too much about the class then, but when we got the Paizo class...

ANDIS-147, Android Mechanic

Character Profile: ANDIS-147

“I do not know, but whatever it is, I hope to never meet it.” An errant sliver of memory in the being known as ANDIS-147 often comes up. Sometimes it manifests as random firing between their Android brain and their Exocortex, sometimes ANDIS simply says the words aloud as a mantra. It is the end of a joke they had told in another life, when...